The Empowerment Transformation Model

The Empowerment Transformation Model is designed to guide every interaction and service we provide at Empowerment Counseling & Coaching. It reflects our commitment to empowering individuals and families to transform their lives, build resilience, and nurture their own well-being within a safe and supportive environment.

Empowerment Counseling & Coaching:

Thriving Through Empowerment and Community Engagement

At Empowerment Counseling & Coaching, we believe that empowerment changes lives, and we are dedicated to the mission of transforming lives for the better.

Empowerment Counseling & Coaching's achievements as a thriving mental health agency are a testament to our vision of empowerment, collaboration, and community engagement. We are proud of our ability to impact lives, empower individuals, and make a positive difference in our community. Our commitment to transformation and well-being remains at the heart of everything we do.

Empowerment Counseling & Coaching stands as a beacon of hope and transformation in the field of mental health. Rooted in the belief that empowerment can change lives, we have made significant strides in making a positive impact on our community, transforming individuals and families through dedicated and compassionate care.

Empowering the Underserved

One of our proudest achievements is our commitment to the underserved in our community. We have initiated and participated in multiple community projects, reaching out to those who may otherwise lack access to vital mental health services. By giving back and engaging with underserved individuals, we have extended our mission to empower and uplift all members of our community. 

Community Engagement

Empowerment Counseling & Coaching is not just a mental health agency; we are active community participants. Our engagement in community initiatives, workshops, and events reflects our deep commitment to fostering awareness and understanding of mental health. By actively participating in community life, we aim to reduce the stigma around mental health issues and make support more accessible to those in need. 

A Team of Dedicated Clinicians

Our success is attributed to the dedication of our exceptional team of clinicians. Currently, we have four highly skilled professionals working tirelessly to serve our clients. Their commitment to excellence and their unwavering compassion ensure that our clients receive the highest quality care and support.

Mentoring Future Professionals

Empowerment Counseling & Coaching is not only about helping our clients but also nurturing the next generation of mental health professionals. We have proudly housed two interns who are gaining invaluable experience in the field. This reflects our dedication to the development of mental health practitioners and our commitment to strengthening the field as a whole. 

Our Story

About Us

Each clinician is equipped to provide quality mental health services due to their background/expertise in mental health.  We always ensure to provide a save, warm, non judgmental welcome for each client we work to empower.

Our Values

We are two women whom share the same driven and passion for the advancement and overall mental well-being for all people no matter age, race, economic status, etc. Both owners were born and raised in Elizabeth City, NC a small rural community of a population of 17, 725. Empowerment Counseling & Coaching provides outpatient Mental Health Therapy as well as School-Based therapy services within the Pasquotank County and surrounding areas. Within the past 2 years of providing Mental health services within the community in which we were born and raised, our awareness has been heightened of the lack of resources and availability of Mental Health services/providers within our community. 

We both worked for other community mental health agencies that were money driven. They only focused on how many people we could see and how much money we brought in rather than the quality of services provided to clients. We wanted to focus on being client driven first ensuring values is placed on each individual client and their needs rather than solely focusing on money. 

Company Culture

At Empowerment Counseling & Coaching, our company culture is characterized by:

We foster a culture of continuous personal and professional growth. Team members are encouraged to develop their skills, learn from one another, and contribute to the empowerment of our clients. 

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our team works closely together to ensure our clients receive comprehensive and holistic support. We value each other’s input and perspectives, creating a united front in our mission to empower. 

We uphold a culture of respect, inclusivity, and diversity. We appreciate and celebrate the unique perspectives and backgrounds of our team members, as well as our clients. Everyone is treated with kindness and respect.

We embrace innovation and the latest developments in mental health care. We encourage creative thinking and the exploration of new therapeutic approaches to better serve our clients.

Work Environment

Our work environment is designed to reflect our core values and company culture. It is a place where:

We provide a welcoming and safe environment for our clients, and the same applies to our team members. It’s a space where individuals can focus on their work without concerns for their well-being. 

We encourage open and honest communication. Team members can express their ideas, concerns, and suggestions without fear of judgment.

We invest in the professional development of our staff. Ongoing training and opportunities for skill enhancement are provided to ensure our team is well-equipped to provide the highest quality of care. 

Compassion is not only for clients but extends to our team. We support one another in our roles, understanding that a nurturing and supportive team translates to better support for our clients. 

Our work environment is inclusive, recognizing and respecting the diversity of our team members. We believe that a variety of perspectives and backgrounds enrich our work and our clients’ experiences